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Je mettrais ici quelques extraits des chapitres des differents LN que j’ai commencé a lire en anglais. Ce sera surtout des passage qui m’ont fait marrer. Ca permettra peut etre a certain de se laisser tenter et passer du coté obscur. Mouahahah...
C’est dans la section spoil, parce que si on se donne la peine de lire les LN en anglais, c’est que le chapitre n’a pas encore été traduit en francais, ou alors c’est qu’on est bizarre :p
Donc si vous aussi vous voulez montrer quelques extaits sympas n’hesitez pas, sans oublier les balises pour le spoil ;)


  • Premier extrait TDG 48 qui sortira lundi en francais normalement, mais vil être que je suis, je n’ai pas pu attendre 3 jours... wazouille va surement me fustiger pour ca, mais je suis deja allé implorer son pardon, comme on dit "faute avouée, a moitié pardonnée" ^^

    Hearing Xiao Ning’er’s words, Shen Fei’s eyes went cold. He furiously laughed, “Xiao Ning’er, this is what you declared. Don’t regret it! A small family like the Winged Dragon Family is trying to go against the Sacred family. It’s like trying to go against the heavens.”
    Clearly hearing the conversation between Xiao Ning’er and Shen Fei, the surrounding onlookers understood. Shen Fei used the power of Sacred Family to force Xiao Ning’er to be married to him. Xiao Ning’er doesn’t like Shen Fei a tiny bit!

    Le mec con, il se grille tout seul, c’est pas le frere de shen yue pour rien mdr
  • mai 2016 modifié
    TDG 66
    Nie Li, did Director Yang gave you some pills?” Nie Hai asked in a low voice.

    “She did, I asked big sister Yang Xin for it. Patriarch isn’t thinking of taking them away, right? If that’s the case, I’ll tell big sister Yang Xin,” Nie Li blinked his eyes, and childishly said. His eyes flashed a hint of a playful smile. Although he has decided to contribute a portion of the pills to the family, occasionally joking with the Patriarch is still fun.

    Comme dirait mon grand pere "quel petit saligaud". Il sera bien avancé si son patriarche fait un infarctus mdr
  • TDG 91
    “Because this place is safe!” Nie Li patted on Xiao Yu’s shoulders and said, “There’s no need to be afraid. As long as big brother is here, you can be at ease. Furthermore, the City Lord’s daughter is your sister-in-law. Next time when you see her, remember to call her sister-in-law, okay?”

    “Sister-in-law? Okay.” Nie Yu looked at Nie Li in surprise. She never thought that Nie Li would have found a sister-in-law so fast. Furthermore, she’s the daughter of the City Lord.

    Nie li sait comment faire enrager ye ziyun mdr
  • TDG 106
    “Lu Piao……” Lu Ning struggled for a moment within his heart, and spoke in a gentle voice, “It’s fine to mess around in the house. But you actually went to peek at the Xiao Family’s girl while she’s bathing. If this matter is spreaded out, my Lu Family will be discredited by you!” [...]
    Lu Piao clenched his fist and seriously said, “The next time I peek, I will definitely not let them find out……”

    Lu Piao a les vrais strat mdr
  • TDG 319
    “Xiao Xue let me touch…” Lu Piao looked extremely excited.

    At Lu Piao’s face, Xiao Ning’er’s face was slightly red.

    “Touch what, if you’ve touched, then you’ve touched!” Nie Li bitterly smiled. Was there really a need to be so excited from a touch?

    Lu Piao appeared to be a little shy as a blessed look appeared on his face. “She finally allowed me to touch her hands!”

    Ce mec est un génie xD
  • Toujours TDG 319 ^^
    Nie Li slapped Lu Piao over the head and scolded, “Dumbass, what’s there to be excited about? It’s just a hand!”

    Nie Li hooked an arm around Lu Piao’s neck over and whispered into his ears.

    “Really?” Lu Piao’s eyes widened as he stared at Nie Li. “Don’t bluff me!”

    Nie Li seriously nodded. “Of course I wouldn’t lie to you.”

    Et Lu Piao a appris les mystères de la vie xD
  • TDG 337
    Long Yuyin walked towards Hu Yong. Her right, slender leg suddenly lashed out, landing on his crotch.

    Meme si c’est un bouffon, a ce moment la j’ai eu de la peine pour lui, j’ai meme versé une larme. RIP ses futurs enfants :sweat_smile:
  • HJC 33-2
    It’s already the 12th time this year. I can’t even take a shower in peace any longer. What sort of rubbish is that old Scoundrel Mu En spouting? He even dare tries to justify it by saying he is training that young scoundrel Zhou Weiqing’s eyesight and counting how many hairs I have?

    Mdr l’excuse
  • Toujours dans le meme
    Don’t mention that little as*hole Zhou Weiqing! When Bing’er is around, he’s always acts so good and honest, and as soon as she leaves to Store Skills, he turns into a scoundrel and a rogue, he literally becomes Mu En and Luo Ke Di combined!
    mdr il a appris les vrais strat pendant ces 2 ans xD
  • Aaah ! Je dois avouer que Zhou Weiqing est quand même un des MC (Main Character (= protagoniste)) que je préfère ! :smiley:
    Il est bien puissant (comme un peu tous les MC), mais il a un caractère tellement unique par rapport aux autres perso qu'on rencontre en général dans les wuxia !
  • Ouais, il me fait toujours marrer avec ses conneries ^^
  • HJC 43-1
    Zhou Weiqing nodded without hesitation. “No problem, I am a respectable gentleman, my nickname is called Honest, Dependable Little Gentleman, the Spotlessly Clean Handsome Youth. I would never do something like peek at a beauty bathing, or sneak into your room at night *ahem*, anything like that.”

    Mdr le mec xD
  • HJC 43-3
    Zhou Weiqing used the Ultimate Master Skill he had learnt from Mu En – the ‘Breast Grabbing Dragon Claw’.

    Paye ton ultimate master skill xD
  • HJC 52-3
    This Boss Zhou was indeed impressive, he totally did not know military knowledge, yet he was still writing with such enthusiasm. What did I just see? He wrote that in military exercises, he would give a few beauties to the opposing commander the night before, causing him to be overly exhausted and not be able to concentrate. What sort of tactics was that? Ma Qun was speechless… he could only bow down to Zhou Weiqing.

    Ca c’est de la strategie militaire xD
  • HJC 54-3
    Zhou Weiqing stared at noble students in shock, exclaiming in surprise: “Aiiyahhh, what is going on? I was so kind to help you pick up the arrow, why did you use your buttocks to receive it?! That must be some special martial arts you have trained in… Respect, much respect, it is amazing! Just too amazing!”

    Mdr il me tue a chaque fois xD
  • HJC 55-1
    The noble student immediately cried out: “Principal, it’s him! He instigated those commoner bastards to beat us up! And…and… he … he used an arrow to shoot my buttocks… he shot it all the way in… so deep!”

    As soon as he said that, not just Cai Cai, Ming Hua and the noble class teacher’s faces changed, even Zhou Weiqing’s face twitched as he held in laughter.

    Zhou Weiqing thought to himself in his heart: Bro, please do not say it in such a misleading manner… what shot it all the way in…

    J’etais tellement mort de rire que j’ai failli vomir mon diner xD
  • Il est vraiment énorme Zhou Weiquing... c'est pour des moments comme ça que HJC est un de mes LN préféré !! :smiley:
  • Ouais, a pratiquement chaque chapitre j’ai un fou rire ^^
  • juin 2016 modifié
    Looking at himself in the mirror, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but say something that he hadn’t said for a long time. “Damn, you’re looking handsome indeed!” (So suave xD)
    This time, he was not being narcissist, at least not too much.

    Un peu mais pas trop xD
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